I have been fortunate to speak at a number of events. Here are some I have spoken at.

Speaker: Women in Tech Festival Global 2023

Women In Tech Festival

The Women in Tech Festival 2023 is a celebration of the women shaping the technology industry, from bottom to top. And this year’s Festival also brings you Women of the Channel; the meeting place for women from across the IT channel who are looking to advance organisational diversity, make unmatched connections, and empower and cultivate women leaders.

Duration: 9.5 hrs

African Women In Blockchain - ABI

African Women In Blockchain - Paulette Watson

Africa Blockchain Institute is Africa’s foremost Blockchain Think-Tank that is reimagining the possibilities of Blockchain Education, extensive Evidence-Based Researches, and High-End Deployment solutions, for Digital Transformation in Africa.

African Blockchain Institute

Tech In Ghana 10th Edition

Tech In Ghana 10th Edition - Paulette Watson

Tech in Ghana is a prominent UK-Ghana platform dedicated to strengthening and showcasing Ghana’s thriving tech ecosystem both locally and to the world. Since launching in 2017, it has garnered the active involvement of several multinational corporations, decision-makers, investors, fast-growing scale-ups, and founders from the region.

Duration: 54.3 hrs


Keynote Speaker

Generative AI Summit

Generative AI Summit is organised by The Generative AI Association and is the largest meeting for consultants, integrators, companies and professionals involved in the development and implementation of Generative AI technologies.

Duration: 23.0 hrs


Black History Month - Lunch & Learn with Paulette Watson: MBA Global Disruptor

Black History Month - Lunch & Learn with Paulette Watson: MBA Global Disruptor

Our Black Employee Network (BEN) will once again be hosting excellent events and activities to help us learn about Black history and culture during October.

Duration: 4.8 hrs

Black Employee Network

Digital & Sustainability Experience

Digital & Sustainability Experience - Paulette Watson

The Digital & Sustainability Experience was a two-day conference that hosted more than 1200 young people and institutions in technology and sustainability to discuss new ways to create a more sustainable Ghana.

Duration: 24.0 hrs

Knust, Kumapley Auditorium


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