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Paulette Watson

I am a renowned Global Tech Disruptor, an Author most recent book, “She Disrupts” and an International Awards winner in STEM | AI | Web 3. With a passion for empowering women in management and leadership roles, I dedicate myself to nurturing their self-confidence and driving their success in the tech industry.

Throughout my personal journey of overcoming challenges, I am fuelled with unwavering determination to empower the Global #BeMedigitalinclusion movement. My mission is to raise one million global majority women and girls in STEM | AI | Web 3 related careers, creating a more diverse and inclusive tech landscape.

As a dynamic speaker, author, tech leader and coach, I strive to inspire women worldwide to break barriers, embrace their true potential, and redefine success. Through my thought leadership in diversity, equity, and inclusion, I make a lasting impact, propelling the growth of women leaders in tech. I firmly believe that each individual has the power to be a catalyst for transformation, and I am devoted to uplifting others and making a positive impact in their lives and the world.

Paulete Watson | About
Paulete Watson | About
Paulete Watson | About

My Story

Making women successful in a changing world through equity & allyship, social mobility, gender, disability & race, and neuro-diversity & disability.


Equity & Allyship

Equity - “equity” refers to fairness and justice - equity means recognising that we do not all start from the same place and must acknowledge and make adjustments to imbalances.

Equality means providing the same to all. Black women are disproportionally represented in the Tech Sector. With the rise of AI Robotic automation and post covid-19 black women were already disadvantage and onset to experiencing early mental issues. According to the World Economic Forum Report The future of work, there will be 192 million jobs by 2030. If we are not digitally equipped, then we will be left behind.

Having to deal with the lack of Early investments, educational attainment, earning, pay, wealth, housing and mental health gaps black women are discriminated in every aspect of society. I’m leading on the Global #BeMedigitalinclusion program with key stakeholders to re address the gender and digital skills gap.

This is done by, supporting the #BeMedigitalinclusion - Mentoring – London office Visits: DE&I - Work experience | Apprenticeship | Internship- Training – Networking | #BeMedigitalinclusion Sustainable Tech events | DE&I developing policies around what this looks like and getting our #BeMedigitalinclusion women involve in the planning design. This is a game changer.


Social Mobility: Socioeconomic Status

I came from a two-parent family home I did not want for anything. I became pregnant at 18, and suddenly, I was living in a high rise flat, on the 11th floor, on income support and my status had changed overnight to a single parent mother. Although this was short lived, I hated it. I struggled financially for the first three months of moving into my flat, after having my child, and after one month I got a job in a Bank near London Bridge, completing my degree and doing my Master in the evenings helped me to move up the socio- economic ladder. By the time my child was three I was a homeowner.

It is interesting how this word socio-economic can have such a negative connation attached to it all because of the amount of financial, social, and professional capital one has compared to another, the perception is that of a lower class.

When we unpack how this word is attached to someone, it really impacts an individual at home, work, the wider society, on their confidence, cultural fit, personal attitudes, and career journey.



As a child I always looked up to my mothers and her sisters. Their parents were relatively poor. From that small house in Jamaica Enfield, Annotto Bay.

Social mobility helped them out of poverty, they all studied and were able to secure good jobs. Their low socio- economic status changed overnight.

Seeing this as a child, I was able to use this same approach when I had my child. I knew education was the only way out at the time.

I wanted to be my child’s role model! Although I could feel the system challenges from working, I did not realise how bad it was until I attended the Wintrade Week 2019. As I sat and listened to Alison Rose speaking about the lack of women in leadership roles – I started to ask questions about Black and Brown women representation. After winning the Global Wintrade Award category: Women in Engineering, I realised that black women in Tech sector was literally non-existent. I could not breathe. It was that moment I decided that I would be ruthless with the #BeMedigitialnclusion of raising one million black women and girls’ aspiration in STEM | Web 3 related careers.

When I look through the intersectional lens of my personal lived journey I see: My blackness, my disability; gender, race and being a mother – the days I would have to rush back to collect my child from the nanny or afterschool club, late night studies and the challenge of understanding the text because of my learning difficulty.


Gender | Disability | Race

Being a woman comes with many challenges – I did not fully understand this until I came to Ghana! It was difficult to navigate a space where men dominated and having to know my place and having so much knowledge and experience within the Tech space. Despite these challenges, I still maintain my integrity and remained in my lane and kept pushing no matter what.

My cultural experiences both British and having Jamaican heritage did not prepare me for this. Yet still the peace that passes all understanding – empowered to rise like never before.


Neuro-diversity & Disability

As a child, I have always found it a challenge to retain information. I had to read something 100 times and made sure I understood it before I could apply that knowledge. It took me longer to learn things. But once I got it, then it was a game changer. I remember being assessed by a psychologist – they were impressed with my results. I did not get the basic answers right but the more difficult ones. I loved music – I read it, I loved maths – don’t ask me why – but I did. I loved Tech and bright colours.

My learning difficultly was my way of pushing harder and doing my best. Trust me I failed so many times, that I cannot even begin to tell you the amount of time I got up. Now I’m here.


Being recognized for my relentless passion and unwavering commitment, the Awards section stands as a testament to my dedication and contributions in the realm STEM reflecting my pursuit of excellence and innovation.

2019 - 2023United Kingdom

2023 - Computing IT Leader 100
2023 - Inspirational Business Women in STEM & Construction
2022 - KPMG Black Entrepreneur’s awards
2019 - Red Bull Amaphiko mentoring Award UK

IT, Leadership, Mentorship

Global Awards2019 - 2023

2023 - Women changing World Awards | SILVER for the category Entrepreneur of the Year
2023 - Global Caribbean Awards Best Innovator and Caribbean Excellence
2022 - Top 100 Women of the Future: Metaverse and Web 3
2021 - Most Skillful Shepreneur for the Ghana Ladies in Tech (GLiT)
2019 - Wintrade Global Award Women in Engineering

Entrepreneurship, Web3, Engineering

2021 - 2023Nominations

2023 - Baton Awards
2023 - Women in Tech Excellence
2023 - CRN Women & Diversity In Channel Awards
2023 - The Women's Business Awards
2023 - The Social Mobility Project Awards for The Inclusive Awards
2022 - We are Tech Women 100 Global Award for Achievement

Nominated Awardee

Finalist2021 - 2023

2023 - The 50 Most Influential women in the U.K. Technology
2023 - Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Black Tech Achievement Awards
2023 - Women in IT – Social Impact of the Year 2023
2022 – Longlist for the 2022 Rising Women in Crypto Power List October 2022
2022 - Black Tech Achievement Awards – Entrepreneur
2021 – Women in Tech Excellence Awards
2021 – BLAC Awards Community Entrepreneur
2021 – National Diversity Awards- Community Age – Finalist

Finalist Awardee


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