Building a Supportive Network: Black Women in Tech Communities

Paulette Watson

October 13, 2023

Black Women Thriving in Tech: The Power of Networking

Black women will thrive in Tech! I'm passionate about building a supportive network to unlock opportunities for black women to grow professionally and develop their passion for Tech. Joining professional communities has given me access to invaluable human capital.

These network communities have been transformative experiences, offering invaluable support, mentorship, and camaraderie. In this blog, I will explore the importance of networking, shine a light on black women in Tech, share upcoming events for the network, and relate my personal experience of how networking has positively impacted myself and other black women in their tech careers.

Why Networking Is Important?

Networking is a significant opportunity to connect with the right people. It enabled me to grow my professional network and inspired me to create the #BeMedigitalinclusion 12-week mentoring program. This program connects black women with experienced black professional mentors who provide guidance and support in navigating their tech careers. Networking opened doors for me to collaborate on several Tech projects, gaining global recognition.

Being part of the Tech community gave me a sense of belonging and removed the feeling of isolation from opportunities. An excellent example of this was when I won the KPMG Black Entrepreneurial Award and received a £25,000 cash prize. This achievement granted me access to mentoring opportunities and introduced me to incredible people who now support my success.

The Redbull Amaphiko mentoring program was one of the best experiences. It provided financial support for my entrepreneurial tech journey, access to resources, and opportunities to showcase my skills. This sense of belonging was different from working in sectors dominated by white men in tech positions.

Through networking events and workshops, I accessed resources that enhanced my tech and communication skills while staying up-to-date with industry trends. Several communities and groups empower black women in Tech, including:

  • #BeMedigitalinclusion: A program to raise one million black women and girls' aspirations in STEM and Web 3-related careers.
  • Coding Black Females
  • Black Girls in Tech
  • Niyo Network's Black Codhers Bootcamp

It's already there – I need to add more. Taking that step of faith is essential! Even if you fail, get up and start again. Failure only occurs when you give up. I never gave up; my successes are my failures inside out – and I am proud of them.

I participated daily in Tech, joined online forums, read and wrote blogs, made videos, and actively sought mentorship. What a transformation! Look at what I have achieved! (Who remembers that song!)

#BeMe. I recommend you build meaningful connections with like-minded individuals – this fosters growth, empowers you, builds resilience, and helps you overcome all challenges.

Affirmation: My connections with others are steeped in good intentions.

About Paulette Watson

Paulette Watson is a renowned visionary, empowering entrepreneur, and internationally recognized life coach. With a profound passion for inspiring greatness and fostering positive change, she has earned numerous accolades both nationally and globally. Through her impactful writing, transformative coaching, and unwavering commitment to empowerment, Paulette continues to leave an indelible mark on lives worldwide.


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